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Molded EPDM marine engine seal reviewed by our Sales Engineer.

Each new project benefits from a review by our Sales Engineering group. As an extension of our customer's engineering department, we assist with all aspects of design for manufacturability (DFM):

Early in the design of a new part, we encourage our customers to engage our: 

Projects benefit from direct communication resulting in a quality product developed quickly. Our open door policy allows for part and manufacturing process design reviews at our facility, or if preferred on customer site. Our goal is to provide our customers with a competitive proposal and provide DFM feedback regarding the most cost effective designs and highest quality product. 

Part Design Analysis 

When reviewing a new project, our Sales Engineers analyze and offer part geometry design suggestions to provide an effective, robust part that can be efficiently produced. Tooling design is reviewed to ensure the following:

Optimizing tooling cavitation is also a priority in order to produce the maximum number of parts in the shortest total cycle.

Critical Features Review

Knowing how a part is used allows our Sales Engineers to review and suggest DFM concepts and address the part's critical features. As part of the part design review process, potential suggested improvements include:

Customer expectations including parting line location, flash extension, critical surfaces, texture and color options are discussed during the DFM review. 

Material Selection 

Sales Engineers choose from Molded Dimensions, LLC's standard cast polyurethane and rubber formulas and utilize our Materials Engineer to formulate custom materials. Our material selection process includes reviewing: 

Tolerance Review

Part tolerancing drives the required process operations used to manufacture a part. A review of required tolerances eliminates unnecessary, secondary operations for the most cost effective process routing.

The Sales Engineering work is the first step to providing a high quality, cost effective part for the life of the product.

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