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At Molded Dimensions, we are proud to be a highly engineering oriented company. Superior technical competence is something you will experience right from the start. Our product development process is considered best in class and includes:
When you have experts in polyurethane and rubber mold design and development on your side, you can count on receiving the best results. Our professionals have a wide range of experience and expertise across multiple industries. We understand the unique requirements of your business and strive to ensure that every facet of what we do is geared toward meeting your needs. When you turn to us for polyurethane and rubber product development, you can be confident that no detail will be overlooked as we work to create the highest overall quality in the finished product.

Project Review

The polyurethane and rubber product development review process starts as soon as the RFQ is received. The technical sales team examines the polyurethane and rubber mold design, critical features and operating environment to ensure the material and design support both manufacturing standards and part function. The review also highlights possible cost saving opportunities. The technical sales team works hand in hand with MD's on-site chemist and engineers until a project is launched and an engineering Project Manager is assigned.

Project Management

At project launch, an engineering Project Manager is assigned and meets with the technical sales team and tooling designer. After this second project review, including part design, tooling design and process design, the Project Manager becomes the hub of the project, handling all activities and communication. The Project Manager draws on the skills of our design engineering, materials engineering - including an on-site, degreed Chemist - process engineering and quality team to complete the project on time. The polyurethane and rubber product development process concludes with a cross-departmental meeting upon part approval to review the overall project and ensure successful production launch.

Molded EPDM rubber seal reviewed by the Project Manager.

Materials Engineering

Every application has a unique set of requirements that dictates a particular type of material. Those requirements can include factors such as: service environment; physical properties requirements; and special requirements such as FDA, NSF or 3A Compliance. We have custom formulated over 800 rubber and polyurethane compounds for a wide range of applications. Our on-site Chemist has over 25 years in the industry. His experience and expertise benefit our customers with high quality, cost efficient formulations.


Quality is in our culture, processes and methodologies. It is by design that new product quality expectations are reviewed during the quoting stage, again after project kickoff and once more during our post part approval meeting. The part requirements and specifications become part of our part and process documentation for not only the first production run, but for each and every future production run. Our production team utilizes this documentation as inspectors at each and every stage of the process.

At every step along the way, you will find engineers working for you. We are an extension of your engineering department.
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