Engineered Elastomer: Pentathane®

Molded Dimensions is a custom molder of cast polyurethane and molded rubber. Pentathane® is MD's trade name for our custom, cast polyurethane formulations.

Load-bearing, abrasion and impact resistant machined poured parts. Pentathane® is known for:

Outstanding Physical Properties

The two main types of cast polyurethanes, Polyester and Polyether, offer specific properties:

Compression molded cast urethane parts. Ester


Key Advantages of Cast Polyurethane

Typical material competitors for polyurethane molding applications are metal, rubber, and plastic. When considering a polyurethane vs rubber, metal or plastic, it’s important to recognize the advantages polyurethane brings:

Mold release coats open cast, compression, and spin cast urethane tooling. vs Metal:

vs Rubber:

vs Plastic:

Insert prep for roller, mount, impellor, and gear applications.

Typical Applications

Molding Technologies

Polyurethane (PU) can be molded in a variety of ways — open-cast, compression, spin cast and low-pressure injection. Polyurethane tooling is lower cost due to the simplicity of the tooling, the ability to gravity fed individual cavities, and the constant temperature processing, requiring no cooling lines.

Insert Molding

When additional mechanical structure is needed in a component, cast urethane is easily overmolded onto a substrate. A variety of metals including carbon steel, aluminum, stainless, brass and bronze can be used. Non-metallic, rigid materials, such as fiberglass and glass-filled nylon, are also candidates.

Urethane may be either mechanically or chemically bonded to an insert. Mechanical bond is the encapsulation of the substrate without the use of a secondary adhesive. A chemical bond utilizes an adhesive system to ensure an unyielding bond between the substrate and urethane.

Finishing Operations

Finishing operations include deflashing, machining, grinding, die cutting, and kitting.

Annual Volume Sold

MD has low- to mid-volume polyurethane molding production capabilities. Some of our customers, including military, often only require small production runs, while other customers require weekly releases and a supporting Kanban program to keep them in supply. The systems and methodologies we learn from larger, more structured companies can be applied to benefit customers across the board.

Part or Product Size

Precision mechanical polyurethane components range in size from 50 grams to over 60 pounds. In-house production utilizes a range of hot table and oven sizes for open-cast molding, with our largest ovens measuring 10' square, and presses up to 24" square for compression molding.

Industries Served

Our diverse customer base crosses many industries, as we like to say, "from medical to mining." The engineering expertise we gain based on the range of parts we manufacture benefits all customers with high-quality, consistent products meeting application requirements. In addition, the knowledge and experience gained from servicing large-scale customers with high service and quality requirements benefits all customers, no matter their size or industry.

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