Molded Dimensions is Essential Business: Open and Shipping Product.

The Coronavirus situation continues to change daily. Here are the updates from Molded Dimensions.

1) Employees: We are initiating work from home for positions where this is possible. Our manufacturing employees, and other essential staff, in Wisconsin continue to report for work and production continues as normal. In addition to regular workplace sanitizing, we continue to provide ways to social distance ourselves and reduce cross-contamination between departments and facilities.

2) Raw Material Supply: We continue to monitor our supply base to assure our raw material stock is available to provide uninterrupted supply for our customers.

3) Production Commitment: Our manufacturing employees are considered "Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers." We do not plan to shut down manufacturing and shipping unless required to do so by governmental restrictions.

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(262) 284-9455

Molded Dimensions supplies a wide range of cast polyurethane and molded rubber parts that serve numerous applications throughout multiple industries. Since our inception in 1954, customers have depended on us to provide them with molded rubber products that fit their precise needs. Some examples of custom rubber parts we manufacture include protective boots for insulating electronic components and bumpers to serve as mounts for testing equipment. We produce tiny protective silicone caps for protecting munitions in extreme temperatures as well as suction cups used to handle materials in automated processing machinery. No matter what the situation calls for, we have the expertise and in-house technical expertise necessary to ensure optimal results.

Serving Virtually Every Industry

As one of the most diverse manufacturers of cast polyurethane parts and custom molded rubber parts in North America, we serve virtually every market from medical to mining. Our custom molded rubber products and cast polyurethane parts can be found in industries ranging from packaging, automotive and filtration systems, to paper processing, food service and plumbing.

We consider this one of our greatest strengths, and not only because it insulates us from fluctuations in any one industry sector. By producing such a diversified lineup of products, our engineers are able to share lessons learned by serving individual clients and utilize that knowledge to serve others. This cross-pollination ensures a high level of quality and innovation across everything we do. 

Why Choose Molded Dimensions?

There’s a reason why some of our customers have been working with us for more than 60 years. Our longevity, along with our diversity of services, speaks to the exceptional level of value and quality we deliver to our customers. Our in-house engineering experience allows us to create virtually any thermoset elastomer components your operations require. At our production facility in Wisconsin, we have the ability to manufacture precision rubber and cast polyurethane parts in sizes ranging from 1 gram to more than 60 pounds. We also have the capacity to produce just about any size production run. 

In addition to our domestic production and fulfillment, we also have the ability to offer you global reach through our Global Manufacturing business unit. This offering provides you access to worldwide manufacturers, with the added benefit of our local engineering support and project management services to make your products in an increasingly competitive world market.  

Whether your project is suited for domestic manufacturing or global manufacturing, our rigorous methodology, delivers high-quality cast polyurethane and rubber molded products quickly and reliably. When you choose to work with Molded Dimensions, our project management team takes a close look at your project, designs the necessary tooling, and builds the best process for manufacturing your components. We ensure that no detail is overlooked from concept to design to prototyping, and finally into production.

To learn more about how we can put our expertise to work for you, get in touch with us today.

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Pentathane Applications - Wipers Wiper used to material handling in food processing equipment. This material is both FDA approvable and abrasion resistant for durability.
Pentathane Applications - Wheels Pentathane® chemically bonded directly onto precision sealed bearing molded to tight concentricity specifications.
Elastomer Applications - Hose Hose configured for limited space in marine engine application.
Elastomer Applications - Tube Oil resistant molded tube used on combustion engine.