Expert Mold Design and Construction

As a leader in precision mold design and manufacturing with over 60 years in business, our expertise is at your disposal to turn your part designs into reality, successfully and on-time.

95% of a product's cost and repeatability is decided at product launch, and as such, casting mold design and construction are a critical part of Molded Dimensions' project management process. Our experienced rubber injection molding manufacturing group works hand-in-hand with our project management team to provide design for manufacturability assistance to ensure a robust part design, an efficient molding process, and a durable mold for the life of the project.

Focusing on thermoset elastomers, molds are designed and programmed in our resource center and manufactured using up-to-date, well-maintained equipment in our mold factory. The experienced team of Journeyman Tool and Die Makers, Engineers, Pattern Makers, Jig and Fixture Makers, and Machinists provide modern, high quality custom mold design and construction, mold revisions, and mold repairs.

Rubber Molds: Injection, Ram-Injection, Compression, Transfer
Cast Polyurethane: Open Cast, Compression, Transfer
The team applies the same level of knowledge and attention to both production and prototype molds. Prototype molds made from the same construction material, using the same rubber mold manufacturing methods allows parts to be molded in the exact same material formulation as used for future production. Providing well-earned peace of mind, these prototype parts can be tested and reviewed knowing they will perform the same as future production parts.

Molded Dimensions delivers the know-how and technology to provide injection mold construction designed for accuracy, dependability, and longevity.



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