Engineered Elastomer Formulations

Materials engineering and formula design is a key piece of Molded Dimensions, LLC's rubber and cast urethane manufacturing philosophy. This ensures we produce high quality, engineered product that meets and exceeds our customer's expectations. To accomplish this goal, we maintain an on-site Chemist and laboratory. With over 25 years in the industry, our Chemist's experience and expertise benefit our customers with high quality, cost efficient formulations.

Rubber parts may be REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals compliant. The Chemist's primary focus includes:

Formula Development

MD processes thermoset elastomers, Rubber and Polyurethane. Compounds can be specifically formulated to provide the optimum properties for each unique application. New rubber and polyurethane formulas are continuously being developed to meet marketplace demand and application, including chloramine resistance, electrical conductivity, electrical resistivity and custom color matching.

Formula Improvement

Existing formulas are customized for the specific molding process to maximize processability, and to minimize the finishing process. Beyond compound formulation, cost containment is a fundamental goal of our Chemist.

Special Material Formulation and Certification

When an application requires industry standard certifications, our Chemist steps up to the plate. Materials may be certified for compliance in-house or by using a third party material testing and certification facility including:
Molded Dimensions is well-versed in the latest international regulatory initiatives:

Material Property Testing

Milled rubber material may be 3A, NSF, or UL94 compliant. MD has an on-site materials laboratory for testing and certifying that incoming raw materials meet physical property requirements as part of our Quality program. The laboratory is utilized in our material compounding and design program. The testing equipment measures various material properties including:

Global Manufacturing Product Conformance

Our Global Manufacturing service package includes material confirmation of all incoming product lots to ensure the proper raw material is utilized and meets customer specifications.

Materials engineering is a large part of our rubber and polyurethane manufacturing success. Our on-site Chemist and laboratory ensure Molded Dimensions provides superior material compounding and testing service.
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