Rubber and polyurethane are two of the most versatile materials for marine applications. This is because they provide many of the most important qualities necessary for equipment to survive the often-harsh conditions out on the water. They need to be strong but also flexible. Manufacturers who serve this sector need to be able to guarantee a high degree of quality in engine and exhaust components to ensure that everything from fishing dinghies to cargo ships can operate safely and efficiently. As the recognized leaders in the marketplace, it’s no wonder that so many companies turn to Molded Dimensions for custom molded rubber products for the marine industry. Our complete capabilities enable us to deliver a wide range of custom rubber marine parts that are useful in virtually any situation.

Seaworthy Parts for All Your Needs

We can produce a variety of marine rubber components and cast polyurethane products that are typically found in vessels around the world. No matter what we make for our customers in this sector, they appreciate the fact that our offerings are all watertight. They also provide exceptional durability even under the punishment of seawater and extreme conditions. The many items in our inventory include:

Trust in Molded Dimensions

No matter what type of marine rubber and cast polyurethane engineering expertise your application calls for, you can depend on us to deliver. We could be your one-source partner for practically anything you need from start to finish. For example, we offer product development services including project review and material engineering. We also have the ability to source parts from our manufacturing partners around the world.

Our strength lies in our versatility. With manufacturing locations in the United States, China, Vietnam, & Thailand, we have the global reach to assist you almost anywhere you are. Our state-of-the-art production facilities are capable of producing parts ranging from 1 gram up to 60 pounds in size. Whether you need a relatively low number of components or high-volume production, we have the capacity to fulfill your order. To learn more about us or to start your order, get in touch with us today.

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