Molded Dimensions provides elastomer molded products and components for use in a range of industries and applications. Our elastomer molding services are suitable for a variety of requirements, materials, and products. Capabilities include:

Molded Dimensions’ elastomer molding services are just one aspect of our versatility.

Applications for Elastomer Molding

As an MD customer, elastomer molding services for a broad range of applications are available to you — along with our engineering expertise, design for manufacturability services, and commitment to quality and value. Industries in which our elastomer products and components are used include:

Our expertise with thermoset elastomers means that we are able to design components that can stand up to various environments and demands, including heat, cold, high-vibration, temperature fluctuation, desert and marine environments, aerospace, and more. 

Elastomer molding is an ideal process for OEM product components, for a number of reasons:

High production speed — HCR injection molding is able to produce high product volumes at high quality and a manageable cost.

Material versatility — The suitability of the elastomer molding process for a range of materials and formulations means these processes can meet many different needs.

Part quality — Molding produces the high-quality, durable parts required for superior products. Molded parts are up to the task of virtually any application in almost any environment.

Quality, Service, Value: The MD Difference

At Molded Dimensions, we focus on engineering and service to ensure that you get exactly the product or component you need — on time and with an exceptional customer experience. The benefits of working with us include:

Engineering focus — For every product, large or small, our engineering services are available to ensure that your components are produced using the best possible elastomer molding methods. By including engineering at every step of our process, from design to production, we ensure the quality and integrity of the finished product.

Design for manufacturability services — We are experts in the thermoset elastomer molding process and have a wealth of expertise to offer in the area of manufacturability — ensuring that your parts are suitable for the molding process you choose. We optimize the design in order to ensure that all critical requirements and functions are met and high quality and acceptance levels are maintained throughout the molding process.

Staff chemist — We provide material expertise as an elastomer manufacturing company by offering the services of a staff chemist who will work with you to develop a material that offers the product properties and qualities your application requires. By combining the expertise of our thermoset elastomer staff chemist with our engineering, service, and quality, we are able to meet all customer needs under one roof. This saves you time and resources on logistics and sourcing.

We look forward to offering our expertise and capabilities for your elastomer product and component needs. For more information about the quality and services we provide, or for answers to any questions you may have about materials, processes, or design, contact us today.

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