Product Design for Manufacturability

Our Design and Engineering Guide is assembled based on both MD experience and industry (RMA) design standards. This Design and Engineering Guide is designed to provide you with product design knowledge, DFM guidelines for injection molding, basic molding tolerances and standard concepts to help you successfully engineer your product for its application. We believe sharing this information with you helps expedite the process of getting the optimum product design to market.

When entering the product design stage, it is crucial for the success of the project to have the right knowledge at your disposal. Understanding the standards and injection molding tolerance guidelines can help save time during the initial planning phase. It also enables better collaboration between you and the manufacturer, ultimately resulting in a stronger prototype.

Our rubber molding design guide explains flash extension, rubber-to-metal adhesion and standard injection molding tolerances, among other concepts. By arming you with the resources to understand injection molding tolerance standards, our experts can more easily communicate and deliver better results. Our staff values the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge to help turn your ideas into reality.

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Design For Manufacturability

Molding Tolerances and Standards

For more information, Molded Dimensions Material Guide.
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