Investing in Our Community

Molded Dimensions, LLC's reputation is built on having a positive impact on our stakeholders. All decisions are made knowing the importance of our relationship with our staff, and both our local and global communities.

Our Staff

MD strives for a positive work environment through team development activities and encourages a feeling of "family" through our company social events and activities.

Our Local Community

Participation in and support of our local and regional community is an important part of MD's stewardship. From supporting local, city-oriented projects and local athletics to maintaining a board position at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), we believe our local community is an extension of our business.

Our Global Community

Good global stewardship is an essential part of MD. Through our joint venture and global business relationships, we have the ability to influence others around the world. Our message of "stakeholder development" as a better business philosophy helps influence improvements on the other side of the world.

Investing in our staff, local community, and global community offers good return for our future. Molded Dimensions, LLC strives to make a difference.
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