On Being a Woman in Manufacturing

April 30, 2015

Written by: Linda Katz

linda-kIf you record “How It’s Made”, have passion for hands-on continuous improvement, and thrive working on high functioning teams, you likely understand that some people are simply destined to work in manufacturing.  And some of them are women, like me.  I am Linda Katz, proud CEO and owner of Molded Dimensions, Inc.  Despite my gender, I have always felt supported in my quest to work in engineering and business.

As a child and young adult, I enjoyed running presses at my family’s injection molding company.  This environment encouraged my interests including knowing how things are made and how machines work.  When I studied mechanical engineering and material science at Duke, I was often the only woman in my classes.  One beloved professor started each day, “Good morning, lady and gentlemen.”  As the lone lady in the class, I was proud to represent and work hard each and every day.

In adulthood, studying at business school and working in industry, I have found universal support for my professional endeavors from peers, leaders, and industry contacts.  Most supportive of all are Molded Dimensions’ largest global customers who clearly understand that talented men and women must work together to successfully drive innovation, solve the world’s most pressing problems, provide meaningful jobs, and supply excellent products for our growing world population.

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