Molded Dimensions Team Earns Best Technical Paper

September 18, 2017

2017 Best Technical Paper

by Linda Katz, Molded Dimensions, Inc., PMA President

Part 1 of 4

Sara Sina, Carol Nikolaus, and I were honored to be given the “Best Technical Paper” award for our presentation on the “Urethane Restoration Team” at Molded Dimensions. You can read the full paper on the website, but basically we described in detail five years of problem solving, root cause identifying, and process improving that slashed our scrap rates from nearly 4% to 1-1.5% while making it physically and mentally much easier to be a urethane molder at our company.

We joked that our paper was not terribly “technical” compared with the chemistry-based papers that are usually featured, but we noticed it was very well received.  Additionally, at meals I enjoyed various processors putting their heads together to share best practices regarding adhesives, mold cleaning, mixer effectiveness, alternatives to solvents, giant part molding, and other interesting topics that could be great ideas for technical papers or roundtable discussions of some sort when we are together in Naples, Florida soon.

Together we currently have just a tiny sliver of the potential market for cast urethane products. As we work together to share ideas and improve, we can surely grow our market and benefit our whole industry.

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