Happy New Year from Linda Katz!

January 8, 2018

Happy New Year to you and your coworkers, friends, and loved ones!  Despite the short days and bitter cold of Wisconsin, January is one of my favorite months of the year at Molded Dimensions.  It is a treat to look back and see how we have grown… in our relationships with valued customers, in the quality of our workforce, and in security for all who are part of the Molded Dimensions family, which includes YOU.  It is also a great joy to look forward to all the new projects, improvements, and fun that 2018 will bring.

On a personal note, I love January because of the time I spend with my kids and their friends on ski hills this time of year. Our middle son Trevor is in his final year of youth ski racing, competing every weekend all over the Midwest.  In addition, he and our youngest son Damon are both on the Whitefish Bay High School ski team, and Mike and I both help at practices and races twice a week all winter long.  We love getting to know the racers and watching them grow in courage and speed.

Ski racing and manufacturing have much in common.  To be truly great at skiing or manufacturing….

  • One must PURSUE EXCELLENCE RELENTLESSLY.  In skiing that means having the right equipment and caring for it meticulously with razor sharp edges and carefully waxed bases. It means practicing as often as possible with intense focus, great effort, and the support of great coaches.  It means continuously improving every tiny aspect of your racing, from the first push out of the gate, down the pitch, and right through the final push to the finish.  At Molded Dimensions, we also strive to have the right equipment, meticulously maintained, for perfect repeatability.  We have been practicing our craft diligently with intense focus, great effort, and excellent coaching for decades.  Most importantly, we are forever imagining ways we can improve every aspect of our processes from conception to final shipment.
  • One must TACKLE NEW CHALLENGES.  In skiing that means trying something new, skiing a tighter line, going a little faster, learning a new technique.  At Molded Dimensions that also means trying new things, such as adding new capabilities like tool making, machine pouring, or automation.  It means stretching people by providing education for our workforce to learn about their personal finances, conflict resolution, problem solving, and other parts of our business… and paying for employees to attend technical school, college, and graduate school if that is their wish.  It means tackling jobs that other molders are afraid of because they are too technical or challenging.
  • Finally, to be truly great at ski racing or manufacturing, one must WORK TOGETHER AS A TEAM.  Tonight, Trevor and Damon will have their first high school ski race of the season.  They will race on varsity with four of their good friends.  Each boy will do his part to ski the course as fast as they can, and then the best four of the six times will count.  Most of the times will be between 18 and 22 seconds.  If a boy falls and he is unable to finish the race, his time will be 200 seconds.  One person alone will not be able to win the race for the team.  They need each other in order to be successful.  And so it is at Molded Dimensions where each member of our team… sales, engineering, finance, purchasing, scheduling, and manufacturing from receiving to shipping and all around the clock… they all count on each other working together to be successful.

Best wishes to you for an EXCELLENT and CHALLENGING 2018 for your whole TEAM.  Happy January!

Linda Katz

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