Molded Dimensions is Essential Business: Open and Shipping Product.

The Coronavirus situation continues to change daily. Here are the updates from Molded Dimensions.

1) Employees: We are initiating work from home for positions where this is possible. Our manufacturing employees, and other essential staff, in Wisconsin continue to report for work and production continues as normal. In addition to regular workplace sanitizing, we continue to provide ways to social distance ourselves and reduce cross-contamination between departments and facilities.

2) Raw Material Supply: We continue to monitor our supply base to assure our raw material stock is available to provide uninterrupted supply for our customers.

3) Production Commitment: Our manufacturing employees are considered "Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers." We do not plan to shut down manufacturing and shipping unless required to do so by governmental restrictions.

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Patrick Roddy
VP Sales
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(262) 284-9455

Industry Spotlight: Agriculture

Posted on July 7, 2022 by The Molded Dimensions Team

If you’ve even taken a road trip across the United States, it is tough not to notice the abundance of farmland that seems to dominate the view (especially within the Midwest). According to the USDA there are just over 2 million farms in the United States. Most of these are family-owned and operated, but that does not mean they are old-fashioned. Agriculture is an ancient endeavor; however, it thrives by utilizing modern technology and science. The agriculture industry is comprised of all the companies and corporations that are involved in the production of food or crops for consumption purposes. This includes both firms that specialize in raising animals and enterprises in growing crops.
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Annual Investment Summary

Posted on June 10, 2022 by The Molded Dimensions Team

It’s been said that the most dangerous phrase uttered in the business world is “We’ve always done it this way.” The alternative approach of searching for and investing in ways to improve your products, people and practices has proved time and again to be a more successful path. We have chosen this route and thus the past 12 months have seen lots of change, growth and investments for Molded Dimensions and the Molded Dimensions Group. We thought it’d be worthwhile to highlight just a few of these investments.
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A World Series of Unfortunate Events

Posted on April 1, 2022 by The Molded Dimensions Team

Manufacturers Battling Multiple Foes

There is no lack for challenges facing the manufacturing industry. Molded Dimensions works with customers to face these challenges head-on, though the mission sometimes feels a bit overwhelming. Since it’s Spring, let’s look to baseball for some historical perspective.
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Molded Dimensions in 2022: A conversation with CEO Brian Sprinkman

Posted on March 1, 2022 by The Molded Dimensions Team

“People, infrastructure and products are the keys to the success of Molded Dimensions,” said Brian Sprinkman in 2021. That continues to be the case as the company added employees and achieved record production volume last year. In the past four months, Molded Dimensions acquired two companies, further expanding its manufacturing capabilities and reach.

Here’s a reflection with Brian Sprinkman.
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4 Causes Behind Today’s Supply Chain Issues

Posted on October 13, 2021 by The Molded Dimensions Team

Global supply shortages are a dilemma that is all too real for many manufacturers today. While the COVID-19 pandemic is the undisputed root of the supply chain crisis, the fallout from changes in supply and demand have provided opportunities for some companies and a final death blow to others. Today’s supply chain challenges can be boiled down to these four causes:
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Chemist’s Corner – Part II: Success From Failure

Posted on September 7, 2021 by The Molded Dimensions Team

“Failure is success if we learn from it.” — Malcomb Forbes

When a component fails, it is imperative that the root cause of the failure be determined quickly and accurately, and that proper corrective measures be taken in order to prevent future occurrences. When Molded Dimensions is asked to provide an estimate for a part that is not meeting the expectations of a customer, they will request samples of the part and take it through a simple five step process:
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Chemist’s Corner — Why Parts Fail

Posted on July 27, 2021 by The Molded Dimensions Team

This is the first of two articles about parts that fail and why. Rubber components are generally known for their durability, elasticity, strength, and reliability. However, when subjected to certain conditions, the rubber material is susceptible to fatigue and failure. These can be avoided through proper testing and good chemistry, but if a part does fail to meet your performance expectations, how do you determine why?

Technically, there are a number of possible causes related to a rubber part failure, but three leading indicators would come from knowing the component’s working environment, tolerance for temperatures, and mechanical performance. Let’s look at each area:
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Relationships and Flexibility Address Supply Chain Headaches

Posted on May 6, 2021 by The Molded Dimensions Team

On Feb. 5, the Biden administration announced plans to leverage the Defense Production Act (DPA) to bolster vaccine production, boost the availability of virus tests, and increase the supply of personal protective equipment such as masks, shields and gloves.

So how does this effect the manufacturers of urethane parts such as Molded Dimensions? One of the main polyols used in the manufacturing of urethane is polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMEG) and it made the DPA list. With the domestic supply of PTMEG already running short, an unanticipated government order created a significant hurdle. This crisis materialized quickly, but a solution seemed quite the opposite.
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Pentathane Applications - Wipers Wiper used to material handling in food processing equipment. This material is both FDA approvable and abrasion resistant for durability.
Pentathane Applications - Wheels Pentathane® chemically bonded directly onto precision sealed bearing molded to tight concentricity specifications.
Elastomer Applications - Hose Hose configured for limited space in marine engine application.
Elastomer Applications - Tube Oil resistant molded tube used on combustion engine.