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Molded Dimensions, LLC is a molder of custom engineered thermoset elastomers, including rubber and cast polyurethane. The molded products we manufacture are used in a wide spectrum of industries, applications and environments. This is something in which we have taken great pride since our founding in 1954. But, what we provide is more than just the product. It includes an engineering, quality, and service-oriented philosophy as demonstrated by our ISO 9001 certification and many customer recognition awards. We create a working relationship with our customers resulting in a better product, a faster product development cycle and consistently on-time delivery.

We are proud of our company and are glad to share our company story. Learn more about Molded Dimensions by checking out our history dating back to 1954. Find out about our strategy, including our brand promise to provide peace of mind to our customers and employees, and our mission to make Molded Dimensions a place where great people choose to work.

"We make the difficult part easy." As part of the Molded Dimensions Group, we answer your most challenging questions concerning plastic, rubber and urethane parts and components.

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