We’re proud of the technological edge and versatility we offer our customers. As an experienced rubber mold company, we’re knowledgeable in all the newest and most advanced processes. Thermoset polymers ranging from EPDM to Fluourosilicone are processed for use in custom applications using injection, compression and transfer molding technologies.
Our custom formulations under the Pentathane® name offer significant advantages over other materials, including plastic, metal and rubber. Our expertise allows us to make the most of this material and create parts that offer high performance and enhanced durability. Cast polyurethane mechanical components are manufactured using open cast and compression molding technologies for a wide variety of applications and industries.
This business unit focuses on providing product from worldwide rubber molding manufacturers, supported by MD's local technical expertise and project management. We partner with top custom rubber manufacturers from all parts of the globe. This network makes it possible for us to serve clients with our in-house knowledge as well as global production and distribution capabilities.


The MD Difference

We stand out among molded rubber products manufacturers because of the service-oriented approach we take with every project. We know that when clients across multiple industries look for a rubber injection molding company they can trust, they look for more than the latest technology or the newest facilities. They want to know that they will have a true partner who will stand by them through the entire production cycle. We work closely with our customers to develop better products, meet project milestones and offer the best possible results.

Since 1954, we have been the service provider of choice for companies across a diverse selection of markets. Our services as a custom silicone mold manufacturer and our other capabilities have been called upon by the mining, food processing, material handling, paper and defense sectors. But that’s only part of the story. Our diverse skills and technological advantages can serve you, whatever product needs you may have.

We understand that without the right people, a commitment to quality is nothing more than words. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the best and brightest people with a great place to work. Our people strive to do their best every day because they enjoy working here. We know that satisfied employees lead directly to satisfied clients.